Workshops and Training

WorkBC Hazelton provides training courses that cover a variety of topics. These programs or training workshops are designed to improve skills and readiness for clients so they can obtain employment. Workshops may consist of 1 topic or a bunch clustered in one class time depending on what the client needs.

 Am I Eligible for Training?

The training programs we offer are for case managed clients and general public. If the general public clients seek funding for these programs they must go through orientation and assessments before hand.

 Job search Skills and Workshops

Clients may take one or more of the following job search skills topics or workshops to help them learn skills and techniques that will hopefully get them closer to employment. These are more direct training programs that will help with individual needs, skills and attributes. Programs offered include:

  • Cold calls
  • Networking
  • Online job searching
  • Applications and job postings
  • Hidden job market (jobs that don’t post adds)
  • Personal presentation
  • Time management
  • Changing career paths
  • Maintaining the job

If clients show a need for another type of skill that is required for employment that is not apart of the list above, we will allocate a class accordingly. These classes are offered once every 2 weeks. Please contact us to register for training today.

    We do have the resources to connect clients with these programs and help move them in the right direction.

    All training programs and workshops WorkBC Hazelton provides are subject to approval. General and case managed clients can participate in training workshops if it proves a need that will help obtain employment.