Job Seekers

 Resource Hub

At the Hazelton WorkBC Centre, we have a fully operational Self-Serve resource hub for job seekers who need a place with the equipment and tools required to conduct their job search. Trained and qualified staff are on hand ready to offer assistance and answer any questions you may have.

 Workshops and Training

WorkBC Hazelton provides training courses that cover a variety of topics. These programs or training workshops are designed to improve skills and readiness for clients so they can obtain employment. Workshops may consist of 1 topic or a bunch clustered in one class time depending on what the client needs.

 Case Management Services

If you’re eligible for our case management services then you will be put through an initial orientation and assessment. Case management is for clients who need additional help obtaining employment. You can access the first step of the registration process in person or through our online Client Needs Assessment (CNA). The information you provide us in the CNA will help our skilled and trained teams in deciding the proper approach for you to obtain employment.

 Job Coaching

Job Coaching is an individualized service provided to Clients and employers when the Client needs on-the-job support and guidance to successfully maintain Labour Market Attachment. These services are ​provided by a qualified job coach, and are intended for Clients who are not likely to achieve success through employer training and support alone.

 Job Finding Resources

Use the following online tools to identify jobs you may want to apply for.