Job Coaching

Job Coaching is an individualized service provided to Clients and employers when the Client needs on-the-job support and guidance to successfully maintain Labour Market Attachment. These services are ​provided by a qualified job coach, and are intended for Clients who are not likely to achieve success through employer training and support alone.

Job Coaching provides comprehensive on-the-job support at the start of the Client’s job placement, or later in a Client’s employment when a barrier is identified. Individualized Job Coaching services are provided by WorkBC Hazelton when this level of support is determined essential for Clients to maintain employment.


    Job coaching is provided for all Case Managed Clients who have been assessed as requiring this comprehensive service.

     Eligible Activities

    Job coaching services may include, but are not limited to, the following services:

    • Providing and/or arranging for on-site job accommodations, supports, adaptive aids, learning aids and other resources/devices/aids to support the Client in his or her employment;
    • Providing skilled and experienced job coaches to assist employers and Clients with systematic workplace orientation and task instruction to ensure success;
    • Ensuring a well-coordinated job retention system is in place with co-workers and job coach staff providing supports as needed;
    • Assisting the Client and/or employer to resolve any issue that may impact the Client's ability to maintain employment;
    • Establishing and engaging with the Client's support system (family, friends, colleagues, other support people/networks) if possible, to facilitate long-term job retention; and
    • Ensuring all individually designed services and supports that the Client requires for success are provided through the job coaching process, while minimizing dependency on ongoing job coaching and maximizing independence.